My Very Own Mutated Hippie Song.

Earworm – A song that gets stuck in your head and will not leave.

These things happen to me all the time. An offhand word or phrase will trigger one of these monstrous annoyances and then I’m stuck with the song for, at the very least, a day. I was going to start off my blog with something clever or witty, like the rest of my blogs will be (psh, yeah right), unfortunately while trying to think of said witty thing my eye kept being caught by the heading on those example blogs the website puts on new blogs until someone can string out a few sentences for themselves. “Hello World!” the heading cries out in bold, distracting me with its fake cheeriness. The more I try to ignore it and think of my own words, the more distracting it gets, like some Stepford wife trying to welcome me to the neighborhood (though if I’m in Stepford then I’ve died and gone to Hell), or an annoying little sibling that keeps nudging you in the head to get attention. Either way, every time I saw those words a song popped into my head. You’ll probably know it if you grew up in the 70’s, or if you like old TV shows, or (in my case) your mom watched the show when she was growing up and sang this song all the time. The song is, “Come on Get Happy” by the Partridge Family and it’s stuck in my head because of the first line, “Hello world there’s a song that we’re singing. Come on Get Happy!”. Unfortunately for me that is the only lyric I know so that just keeps playing on repeat, my very own mutated hippie song. Good thing I’m already insane or this might have driven me to it…hmm, note to self – devise a way to make mutated hippie song play across the globe constantly until the world leaders give me control of the world. Mwahahaha. Ahem, o.k. I’m back. World domination aside, I will probably have to do something soon to get this song out of my head. Reason I haven’t done it yet? Because I’m having fun complaining to all of you lovely people. I guess I could turn on my Pandora radio, but I’m kinda getting used to my mutant hippie song of insanity (though when pertaining to hippie songs I think the insanity part is redundant). Now, I’m off to write up a plan for world domination…codename:The Mutant Hippie Virus or The M.H. Virus for short. That would make a cool B horror flick, or zombie movie, maybe I’ll write a screenplay instead. Until next time, smile and add some crazy to your life, the world could end at any second (possibly by mutant/zombie hippies) so you might as well have fun.


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