Welcome. You will experience a tingling sensation and then death.

For those who haven’t watched Doctor Who or haven’t caught up yet I must post the obligatory “Spoiler Alert”.

So, I’ve been watching Doctor Who since the new series started in ’05 and I have to say that Steven Moffat’s brain baffles me. I swear that if we took an x-ray of his brain it would come out an M.C. Escher painting–everything all different dimensional and interconnected yet seeming not connected. I am convinced that the man is either a raving lunatic or a genius (possibly both). Every time I think I have this show figured out, they pull the rug out from under me.  Most shows or movies I watch I have the whole plot figured out with in the first 20minutes or the first 2 episodes. I’m not bragging about it it’s just that all these shows seem so standard/predictable, like it’s been done before, and that goes for sci-fi as well.

I think that is probably why I love Doctor Who so much, it keeps me on my toes. The show goes kinda how I think it will for all of about five minutes, then it throws a curve ball, or two, or seven, and by the end of the show, most of the time, I feel like I was vacuum sucked down the rabbit hole, thrown around for an hour, and then spit right back out again. Then I have to calm down enough from my nerd high to digest all of what just happened so that I’m ready for the next weeks episode.  I also love shows that make me think, and with this show not only do you have to think you practically have to keep a diagram.

The whole sixth season was, I honestly think, Moffat’s way of weeding out the herd, finding out who could keep up. For example the first two episodes “The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon”, the Doctor is killed within the first 10min of the show. I don’t mean normal killed wear he regenerates himself and “Oh, look a new Doctor”, I mean KILLED as in he was shot, he started to regenerate, and then he was shot during the regeneration cycle. So your sitting there acting like Amy, trying to rationalize it. I mean he’s the Doctor, the Doctor doesn’t die. Maybe there is a loophole, yeah a loophole, that’s it. Even though you know that the Doctor died for real, I mean you’ve just seen it happen, you cling to any irrational idea that comes along.

Like the plastic flesh Doctor, I was like “Hey maybe that’s the Doctor we watched die, it wasn’t the real Doctor so we’re all good.” Nope, that jerk dies in the friggen episode and on top of that Amy was a fake Amy, and now you have to go back through the whole season to figure out how you didn’t know and see all the minute clues that are put in there and kick yourself for brushing them off. Then you find out that Amy’s daughter is actually River Song, and you have to go back even further than just season six and follow the whole River Song thing. I think that the gap between the first and second half of the season was so you could digest and the ones whose brains hadn’t exploded from the first half–don’t worry we have a memorial for all the Doctor Who casualties–were rewarded with the second part of the season.

I won’t go into detail about the second half of the season because, well it would look like a novel and we would all eventually get bored.  Basically Amy’s friend Mels turns out to be River Song before she regenerated because River is a time lord because she was conceived in the TARDIS. River tries to kill the Doctor and fails. There are tiny people inside robots who are like “time police”, they are trying to kill River. Then a bunch of crazy stuff happens and the world ends…again, and it’s the Doctor’s fault so he goes to his death after marrying River, one of those “wait…what?” kind of moments. Then River kills the Doctor as the astronaut in the first episode and we find out that the Doctor was never really dead because it was a robot Doctor run by the tiny  “time police” people. Then after all that they leave off with the biggest cliffhanger ever, saying that they will be answering the question asked from the beginning “Doctor who?” which I honestly never thought of as a question.

If you are confused, hey I said I wasn’t going into detail, go watch the show.


I’m wondering what is going to happen next season (have to wait till fall…crap) and also I have some questions. If any of you who actually read this whole thing have an answer please let me know. First of all is, ok so, River Song is a time lord because she was concieved in the Tardis around all that “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff”. My question is, does that only work on humans? I know humans look like time lords but what if an alien baby–such as a Silurian–was conceived in the Tardis. Will that baby be a time lord too? I know it sounds ridiculous but who knows? Maybe there is a reptilian time lord walking around somewhere.

The rest of my questions are about Steven Moffat. First, how do you do it? I mean it seems impossible to have all of that story in your head since 2005, all of those little details and clues that end up super important later. Where are you putting all of that information? Also, while I do find the Weeping Angels and the Silence successfully terrifying creature, how the hell did you come up with those creatures? Are you related to H.P. Lovecraft? Seriously you should sell tickets to your brain, it would be better than Disney World.

Now I’m stuck with the biggest question, Doctor who? Man, this is not cool, I was already going to be in Doctor Who withdrawal but you have to go and drop a bombshell like that before you leave? Well at least I have the old ones to obsess over for a while.  Stupid evil mastermind writers.

“The first question! The question that must never be answered! Hidden in plain sight! The question you’ve been running from all your life! Doctor Who! Doctor Who! Doctor Who!”

Dorium~ Doctor Who



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