Marvel’s Movie, The Avengers.

The older I get the more movie heroes I lose. People who were once titans that could do no wrong have now, in my eyes, run themselves into the ground with their so called good ideas. George Lucas and Tim Burton, for example, when I was growing up were the most amazing people ever. I was a girl who was raised on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, two of my all time favorite movies are The Labyrinth (Lucas) and The Nightmare before Christmas (Burton…duh). Now they just need to stop, I’m not saying retire (though that might be a good idea), but take a step back, breath, and spend a few peaceful years not making a mockery of themselves. BTW hard core fans, this is my opinion so if you don’t like it, get over it.

Anyway, why do I even bring this up when I’m supposed to be talking about The Avengers? Two words, Joss. Whedon. He is one of the three people (other two being Steven Moffat, and Hayao Miyazaki)  in this world that when I hear that they are making a movie or TV show I’m on board before even hearing the premise. Why? Because of the track record. Whedon has had his ups and downs but when it comes to the writing, he just is amazing. He knows when to be serious and where to put in those little zingers that make a movie all the more special and well rounded.

Now I’m guessing the majority of people have already seen The Avengers, even so I’m not going to write “spoilers” in case some haven’t.

First of all if you haven’t seen The Avengers, go, go and see it right now. It is by far the greatest movie I have seen all year. I love having a movie where I leave more excited then I did going in. I waited till last weekend to see it because the first weekend was sold out, always a good sign. I went with three friends, two of which knew the comics and were die hard fans, they had also watched the other movies (Iron Man, Thor, etc). The other had seen most of the movies and I’m pretty sure that she was just going because Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) was in it. And then there’s me, who has only seen two of the other movies; Iron Man and Thor, and was watching it because Whedon was directing and the trailer made the movie look badass. So to sum it all up there were two super nerds, a fangirl, and on of the general public (a pretty well-rounded bunch).

The verdict? 10 out of 10’s across the board.

The movie is well paced, has witty lines, surprisingly not all delivered by the character Tony Stark. Example:

Thor: He’s my brother
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: He’s adopted

This movie is perfect for any adventure fan, it is that wonderful mix of humor, drama, action, and amazing graphics. The fight scenes, and there are a lot of them, are the highlight of the movie. I felt like a five-year old sitting there, “wow look at that!”, “cool!”, “whoa, did you see that!!!!”. Yup pretty much my brain thoughts through whole movie.

Here’s what everyone else had to say:

T.J. (super nerd #1): “I would honestly just say that the movie is perhaps the best blend of comedy and action that I have seen in live cinema to date.” oh and, “Hulk, smash”.

Stevi (Fangirl): “It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I already want to re-watch it.”

J.G. (super nerd #2): “Extremely engrossing! HULK SMASH!!! The movie grabbed you and proved that someone can make a good flick these days.”

Like I said 10 out of 10. Honestly you don’t even have to be an action/adventure fan, all you have to be is a person who wants to see a good movie. Oh and for those who saw the movie and missed it, and those who hadn’t seen it yet, there are two extra scenes in and after the credits. So stick around, it was totally worth it.


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