Sometimes I Hate it When I’m Right; Update on the Upcoming Show “Elementary”

Anyone who read my previous post “Wrong On So Many Levels” knows that I was adamantly against the very concept of CBS’s upcoming fall show, Elementary. Honestly after my angry rant I had put the show out of my mind, partly to retain whatever sanity I have left, and partly that child like action of fingers in my ears going, “La, la, la, I can’t hear you, you don’t exist.” So when Sherlock, the show, posted the fall preview for Elementary on their facebook page yesterday I got to re-feel that horrid sinking sensation that goes to the pit of my stomach. I clicked on the link as if it was the video from The Ring, but I still watched it like the good unbiased (psh,yeah right) reporter I am. To be completely honest? It was actually worse then I expected. I don’t know how but they surpassed my concept of an atrocity, and this is a girl who in prior expectation equated Elementary to Dante’s ninth circle of hell.  If this mockery of a show gets past a pilot episode I will lose all faith in the American public, and there isn’t much to begin with anymore. Two words, reality tv. Don’t believe me on how horrible this is? Fine, here watch this and if you have similar tastes, as in you actually like a show with a decent plot and characters, you’ll probably get the same eye gougey feeling I got. An eye gougey feeling that I had reserved for the Twilight evil, that’s right I am equating the show to Twilight.

Yeah, exactly, my point is made and they were the ones who made it for me. If you still don’t understand how this is the worst thing to happen since the last Twilight movie came out, I didn’t watch it because I had been forced to watch the first one and the people who forced me to watch the first one will never do that again for fear of their lives. Anyway, if you don’t understand that or why I’m so mad then read my last blog post on this, otherwise I’d just be repeating myself. The only thing new I would have to add is that the Sherlock Holmes movies and the show Sherlock may be different but they are true to who Sherlock Holmes was. Sherlock Holmes was a genius at what he did; he was a man who had the ruff-and-tumble fight abilities, and he was also the guy who could tell where you had been all day just by looking at your shoes. An narcissistic man with sociopathic tendencies, and he was wonderful. Yes he did do drugs when he wasn’t on the case, he needed the rush, but that wasn’t who he was. You can’t base a character around a small aspect that, when reading the novels or watching the movie/show, nobody cared about! In his defense, which he doesn’t really need one, the drugs he was on were legal at the time and he didn’t always use them. You can’t make Sherlock Holmes an ex- drug addict who lives in NYC with a female Watson, who inevitably will be a love interest. Did you see that preview? Sherlock doesn’t apologize! What part of narcissistic high functioning sociopath don’t they understand? If you want to watch a show that’s like having Sherlock Holmes in America watch House.


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