Alter Ego

I like hypotheticals or “what if” questions/situations. When there are lulls at work (where I work there are two speeds, busy to the point that you don’t have time to breathe, and, sooooo bored” and during the boring times my friend/coworker and I will ask each other questions. Sometimes the questions are normal informative questions like ‘who are your favorite classic artists’ I told him that mine are Van Gogh, Degas, and Seurat and then we got into an argument over how he thinks that I only like tragic people (i.e. Poe, Van Gogh, Lovecraft, etc) which is very much an untruth. I like happy people…as long as they aren’t that sickeningly cheerful type, and I like happy endings in stories as well. I am not as much as a Goth kid as I used to be I swear! Anyway, got off topic, I had asked my friend a hypothetical of ‘what if we could have superpowers, which one would you choose?’ and to be fair we could choose three for our super-selves because picking just one would be way too hard. As we were describing what kind of superpowers we would want I realized two things. 1) that I don’t think any of my friends would be superheroes (though I don’t think we would be outright villains either). 2) when a person picks a super power it really shows a lot about that person’s personality. It really is interesting because just like the superbeings in comic books it shows another side to that person. For example, Batman, Batman is the alter ego of millionaire Bruce Wayne (or maybe it’s Wayne who is Batman’s alter ego) and Batman is very much a part of Wayne’s psyche and shows different aspects of who he is. I won’t go much further into that because I’m not a Batman expert or a psychologist.

So we picked our superpowers. The only stipulation is that it had to be something our bodies could actually do. So no rings or suits or utility belts.

My friend picked

  • Super strength/ super resistance- we decided that it could be counted as just one superpower because usually someone with super strength is also super resistant. I think it’s so that if they pick up a car to throw it at someone and they trip and drop it on themselves then they don’t die from it.
  • Super speed- he said that super strength and super speed go hand-in-hand that it’s a traditional superhero/villain thing. So now he is strong and fast.
  • Telekinesis…kinda?- At first he said he wanted to be telekinetic so that not only could he pick up and throw cars where he was standing but he could also pick things up from a distance. Then he decided against that and wanted some power that opens rifts in space and time and then closes them really quick and it rips a person apart. I didn’t know what to call it so I left it under telekinesis.

To me that meant that well first of all that he is a very violent dude (but I kinda knew that), but also that he is very action oriented. He is one of those people who goes to the problem and faces it head on, or he’s the one who actually started the problem. 🙂 He is also very much a person you don’t want to make mad, he said the reason for the super strength and the time/space thingy is so that he could annihilate you up close or from a distance. If you start a fight with him then he won’t stop until there is nothing left.

I on the other picked

  • Shape shifting -needs no explanation
  • Suggestion- I tell someone to do something and they do it. So if I do something…illegal…then I could tell people they never saw me and, poof, I wasn’t there.
  • Intangibility/Phasing- the ability to walk through solid matter (which is very cool)

I’m not going to analyze myself so take what you will from that. If you want you can tell me what you think, I’m interested to know. I asked other people as well like my mom wanted healing, flight, and Air/wind manipulation (controlling the wind, like Storm). Another friend wanted speed, gravity manipulation, and enhanced intelligence

I’ve always wondered about the whole superhero thing, why do they do it? I can understand wanting to help someone (I can actually be a decent person once in a while, usually around the full moon. Like a reverse werewolf, except w/o the whole me being a wolf thing.) what I don’t understand is the whole need to save the world thing. Really, the entire world? Why does it have to be such a big act like that, well yeah the ‘super’ part of superhero but still. Also they seem to be above the law, they destroy the city too but the bad guy gets the blame. Honestly I think the bad guys get treated unfairly, they usually have a practical reason for their evil doings. Yeah you get some nut jobs that want to destroy everything but most of them either are doing it for gain or revenge. At least they have a reason, I still don’t get why Superman is a superhero. Well I should stop before I go on another tangent, lets just say I’m not a big fan of Superman as a hero (though the movies are fun). I like the vigilante types where some of the time you wonder if they’re really good guys like Batman, Deadpool, Hawkeye, and Wolverine. And yes the fact that they were played by hot guys in the movies did factor in, except for Batman, I don’t think Christian Bale is hot. I’m only human and I don’t think anyone is immune to greatness that is Hugh Jackman (straight guys are included in that btw).

*heroic theme music begins*

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One response to “Alter Ego

  • selonnerias

    If I would pick 3 superpowers

    1) Teleportation
    2) Timetrafel (teleportation in time rather than space, although I think I could probably find a way to get this using just teleportation if the laws of physics are still kind of intact in this hypothetical universe)
    3) enhanced intellect,

    as for analysing your picks…

    the last two are kind of subtle powers, which could mean to me that you might be a less direct person who doesn’t face problems head on but rather finds unique “out of the box thinking” solutions for them.

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