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Return of the Freak

Sorry I’ve been AWOL, I was actually in the hospital for a bit and it takes a while to get back into the swing of things once you’re out. Now I’m swinging again and ready to write to my nerdy hearts content. Since I’ve been gone for a while (eons in internet time) this post will be a bit scattered which I will blame on me having been almost dead and now recovering from being almost dead.

OK. First thing first, BBC. I love BBC (well BBC America seeing as that’s the channel we get in the states) to me it’s a nugget of British goodness in my otherwise dull programing. With Doctor Who premiering this weekend (so psyched!!) and new shows like Copper and the Nerdist, BBC really knows how to spoil a girl. Now I will refrain from commenting on Doctor Who until after the premier this Saturday and I haven’t been able to take time to watch Copper just yet (but it looks really cool) so I will talk about the greatest talk show ever the Nerdist.

The Nerdist was originally a podcast (and is pretty much the only podcast I subscribe to) and the wonderful TV gods of the BBC decided ‘hey this is really cool and nerdy and we’re BBC so we know cool and nerdy, we invented cool and nerdy, let’s make the Nerdist a TV show and put it on BBC America’  and they made it a show. So now I bow down and worship BBC every Saturday (nah, that’s just a joke. I sit on the couch and worship like a normal person ^_^ ). The show is hosted by Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray and they talk about all things nerdy bringing in guests like Felicia Day, Matt Smith, and Nathan Fillion. Having interviews with David Tennant and Bill Nye the Science Guy. It’s one of those shows that feels effortless and fun. I actually get a little disappointed when the show is over which is a sign of a good show. It’s like hanging out with a bunch of friends and I look forward to every episode. I really liked the podcast but I think the show is even better because you get to see their expressions which makes it twice as funny.

Another thing is the show Face Off on sci-fi channel (I refuse to spell it the way they changed it because it’s not how you spell sci-fi). I’m getting really interested in movie make up. I’ve always loved behind the scenes work, when I did theater out of the 12 plays and musicals I was a part of I only acted twice. I did lights and a million miscellaneous other things that backstage people have to do to make sure the production runs smoothly. Now I’m really getting into make up, I love the fact that with just a few colors or even just an eyeliner pencil you can completely transform a person. The only thing I’ve done is make a zombie I had a presentation that I had somehow talked my professor into letting me do it on zombies. It was a group project and so I decided to go all out and I made one of the dudes in my group a zombie. It was very low-budget because I’m a broke college kid and I can’t afford actual theatrical or movie make up so I improvised. I must have done a good job because people kept asking him if he was ok or if they needed to call 911 for him. I’m still a noob but I think I’m going to try to learn and do more with it. I can’t come near what they do on Face Off, applying prosthetic makeup or creating a full-bodied monster. I’m a beginner, all I can do is make a convincing bruise out of eye shadow and some good fake blood (well it’s at least passable fake blood). I’ll look for the picture I took of the guy and post it when I find it, if you find a need to critique it be honest but be gentle. I might do a post later on movie makeup I’m not sure yet, I just started getting really into it 6-7 months ago so I’m definitely going to research it more.

I’m going to stop before I ramble on any further. But I will be back this weekend with a post about my obsession, Doctor Who.



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