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What’s That Horrible Sound?

It’s getting close to Christmas time and that means one thing…the Doctor Who Christmas special! I’m sure it means other things like love and peace on earth…whatever, Doctor Who! This year’s looks cool and is designed to make you terrified of Frosty the Snowman (seeing as Moffat has already ruined stars, Santa, snow, Christmas trees. Why not Frosty?). I’m super psyched but that isn’t what I want to talk about, I want to talk about the thing that tumblr calls “feels”. I don’t use tumblr but my friend has told me enough that I understand and even use the phrase ‘feels’. My feels are supercharged when it comes to Doctor Who. Especially the worst part…the regeneration. A lot of fans, me included, get the feeling that we’re getting close to the end of the Matt Smith Doctor. Regenerations suck, in most shows when a character dies you have time to mourn the loss of the character/actor/actress, this is definitely not the case when it comes to Doctor Who. The Doctor is a Time Lord, an alien that looks human but when he reaches the end of his life, he gets too old or he gets shot or blown up etc, he regenerates into a new form. Now this was brilliant thinking on the part of the writers because this gives you the freedom to get rid of an actor whenever you want but in the fans perspective its torture. Fans love the Doctor and get attached to certain regeneration. However when the Doctor regenerates you don’t get the luxury of a mourning period, you are automatically thrown in to the new Doctor. Doctor Who is a smart and very complex show, if you don’t keep up with the pace you’re going to be left behind. So you have to wipe those tears and jump on the new Doctors train while the wound of losing the old one is still raw and bleeding.

My favorite was David Tennant, as they say you never forget your first Doctor, he was my first (I know what I said so quit snickering like five-year olds). Anywho, what made it worse when watching David was knowing that he was a huge Doctor Who fan, watching the show since he was a little kid. So watching him leave plus his last line being “I don’t want to go”, hurt so bad…right in the feels.

So basically you watch this…

And then you go “What’s that horrible sound? Kinda a painful screeching…Oh yeah, that’s the sound of my heart breaking into tiny pieces and trying to tape itself back together at the same time. Curse you Moffat”


You Can’t Take the Sky From Me

I’veĀ  always been interested in how time works. It can be so many things and meanings; time is a line that we graph our history on, time flies and crawls, when we recall memories we look back through time, and things can be old or new depending on who’s looking at it. It’s a “big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff”, an intangible concept that people are obsessed with…

Now you may ask me “Freak of Nature, why are you being so profound and deep? Aren’t you usually littering the internet with your fangirl nerdiness?” have no worries my readers the reason for my deep thinking is this

That’s right nerd stuff! And not just any nerd stuff it’s Firefly. This year is Firefly‘s 10th anniversary (kinda makes me feel old). For those who don’t know Firefly is a scifi show made by the almighty Joss Whedon and honestly I feel that it was some of his best work. I’ve seen I think all of his creations, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, and Firefly (someone let me know if I missed a show p.s. I’m not counting The Avengers but only because it’s a movie) and I love them but Firefly stood out. It only lasted one season (13 episodes) and it was like watching a supernova. The show starting out a beautiful star (even if a certain network starting with F and ending in OX couldn’t see it because it’s run by blind monkeys) and it ended in a beautiful explosion of light and fandom. The reason I called it a supernova is because when a supernova explodes it’s an ending and a beginning. Yes, the star dies but what’s left of it remains to grow and create new things. That was Firefly it lived on and even grew in popularity so much so that they were able to make a movie, Serenity. I was one of those fans that found Firefly after it had been canceled and if you haven’t seen it first of all you are so deprived and second of all go watch it! Here I’ll even give you some reasons why.

Reasons to watch Firefly (besides the obvious fact that it’s amazing)

  1. Space Cowboys: I really shouldn’t have to say anything more than Space Cowboys but I will. Firefly is a beautiful, well blended mix of Scifi (spaceships, cool tech, etc) and Westerns (gun showdowns, old school costumes, they even have covered wagons!) some people would think that these two genres wouldn’t fit together cohesively but it does. So basically you’re getting two shows in one without it feeling like they should be two separate shows.
  2. The Crew of Serenity: What’s a show without its cast? Joss Whedon hand picks his actors and these people just fit together so well. The way the characters are written and how the actors portrayed them they feel like actual people. They have faults and quirks that make up their personalities in a way that you feel that you know them without knowing everything about them (like you would with actual people) You don’t get to know everything about them all in one neat paragraph. Once in a while you get a glimpse into a part of them you hadn’t seen before and you see them in a new light.
  3. Language and Story: Thing I love most about Joss is that he expects his fans to have some semblance of intelligence. You see this most in Firefly because you’re thrown into a fully developed world with history and you are expected to just go with it, learn as you go. For example in Firefly they occasionally speak Mandarin. They don’t tell you why unless you search for the answer outside of the show, basically the logic is that English and Chinese (mandarin) are the two most spoken languages and that as humanity progresses in the future they are eventually the only two languages and everyone speaks both fluently. It’s also a good way to get around the FCC because its ok if you swear in Mandarin on TV, and it’s fun. You do eventually figure out what some of the words mean and then you have nifty and colorful words to add to your vocab.

There are a million more reasons to watch; it has a great soundtrack, you explore the depths of humanity, there are cool catchphrases, on and on etc. But if I haven’t convinced you yet I doubt I will. But you really should watch it, dong ma?

Take my love, take my land

Take me where I cannot stand

I don’t care I’m still free

You can’t take the sky from me.

~Firefly Theme~


Reason to vote. aka Neil Patrick Harris is my spirit guide.

So yesterday in America was election day and I decided that this year I had to vote. Which I did and I voted for Obama and it looks like he won so that’s cool. I voted because, well I wanted my voice to be heard and my voice was saying ‘no way in hell is Romney winning’. I like Obama, I think he’s a cool guy but the main factor in voting for him was because I really despised Romney. I’m glad Obama won but I’m happier that Romney lost, partly because I think his policies are just wrong but also because I kept getting calls all this month before the election from Romney and the Republicans inviting me to their victory rally. I would get about 20 calls a day from these people. You think political commercials are bad? Wait till your phone is ringing off the hook for a party you don’t vote for and you can’t tell them to piss off because its a friggen recording!

So yeah, I voted for Obama. The reason I remembered to vote however is because of an awesome dream I had the night before. My dreams, the ones I remember at least, are usually pretty vivid and cracked out. This one was pretty tame compared to most. I had got on a Bedlam marathon the night of my dream so my dream took place outside of Bedlam and Neil Patrick Harris was there. I jokingly call him my spirit guide because this is the second time he’s made a cameo in my dreams and its always a significant dream he’s in. Anyways we’re walking on old cobbled streets towards an old theater/auditorium and he starts singing and then I start singing and then, like in all musicals, we’re dancing with a huge company of background singers and dancers. Then we’re all at the back of the theater and Obama is on stage making a speech and Romney is in the near empty seats shouting about how people should join him.

Then I woke up. Yeah, the reason I remembered to vote is because of an actors cameo in my dream. I wonder if I have to pay royalties to him for being in my dream…


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