Reason to vote. aka Neil Patrick Harris is my spirit guide.

So yesterday in America was election day and I decided that this year I had to vote. Which I did and I voted for Obama and it looks like he won so that’s cool. I voted because, well I wanted my voice to be heard and my voice was saying ‘no way in hell is Romney winning’. I like Obama, I think he’s a cool guy but the main factor in voting for him was because I really despised Romney. I’m glad Obama won but I’m happier that Romney lost, partly because I think his policies are just wrong but also because I kept getting calls all this month before the election from Romney and the Republicans inviting me to their victory rally. I would get about 20 calls a day from these people. You think political commercials are bad? Wait till your phone is ringing off the hook for a party you don’t vote for and you can’t tell them to piss off because its a friggen recording!

So yeah, I voted for Obama. The reason I remembered to vote however is because of an awesome dream I had the night before. My dreams, the ones I remember at least, are usually pretty vivid and cracked out. This one was pretty tame compared to most. I had got on a Bedlam marathon the night of my dream so my dream took place outside of Bedlam and Neil Patrick Harris was there. I jokingly call him my spirit guide because this is the second time he’s made a cameo in my dreams and its always a significant dream he’s in. Anyways we’re walking on old cobbled streets towards an old theater/auditorium and he starts singing and then I start singing and then, like in all musicals, we’re dancing with a huge company of background singers and dancers. Then we’re all at the back of the theater and Obama is on stage making a speech and Romney is in the near empty seats shouting about how people should join him.

Then I woke up. Yeah, the reason I remembered to vote is because of an actors cameo in my dream. I wonder if I have to pay royalties to him for being in my dream…


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