Expecting the Unexpected: A Review of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey - Martin Freeman Going Outside

There have been a lot of reviews already about The Hobbit, I know this because my dad sent me a ton of them. Nearly all of them were mixed reviews but after reading all of them and being pestered about how different this movie was going to be and how many critics hadn’t liked it I threw up my hands in frustration. I said “You know what? The only review that matters is mine”, now I’m not saying that in all of the internet the only opinion that counts for anything is mine (I’m not that egocentric) what I’m saying is that I wasn’t going to be pushed around and my viewpoint changed just by what some critic said. I’m going to watch it for myself and then make my own opinion, only then will I have a review that I feel is accurate. I suggest that anyone who reads this review do the same, if you wanted to see The Hobbit don’t be influenced by what I say, just go see it.

Now many of the reviews I read brought up the same issues. The pacing was off/too slow, the new higher shutter speed didn’t add anything to the movie and was actually a detriment, people who weren’t hardcore fans of Tolkiens work wouldn’t be able to understand/enjoy the movie, how are they going to make three movies out of a 300pg book? etc, etc the list is long and just makes you feel bummed out after a while. I think I’m going to talk about my overall experience instead of picking it apart, I might pick it apart, we’ll see.

I went to go see The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey with my brother and a couple of my friends, one who was a true Tolkien fan and the other had barely watched the LOTR movies (don’t worry I’ll remedy that). As I have stated in a previous post that I was a member of the Tolkien Society in high school we’ll all just assume I’m a big Tolkien fan. I knew going into this movie that they had added stuff to the movie that wasn’t in the book, Jackson had used Tolkiens notes as well as parts of the appendices from LOTR and the Silmarillion (a book which even Tolkien fans have trouble getting through, it’s so dry) to expand the movie. Many fans were kinda pissed about this but I don’t see why, when I was watching the movie I was truly enjoying what Jackson intended with this movie, a whole Middle Earth experience. Honestly the only time if found myself not enjoying the movie was when I was trying to identify what was and wasn’t in the book because nitpicking like that took me out of the experience. After I stopped trying to put the Hobbit in this little box of expectations that are set when a movie is translated from a book and I just accepted it for what it was, and what it was was a wonderful movie with a warm feeling to it that we don’t get to have with Lord of the Rings, I was able to relax and immerse myself into a comfortable and familiar world.

Many people said that Jackson was trying to recapture lightning in a bottle like he had with Lord of the Rings and he fell short with the Hobbit. Well yeah if you were expecting it to be a heart-wrenching epic like the LOTR movies filled with a bittersweet mixture of hope and despair then yes you will be sorely disappointed (if you want to see that the go see Les Miserables when it comes out, so excited about that by the way). The Hobbit is set 60 years before the events of LOTR the world then wasn’t fully poisoned by the darkness of Mordor (though there are hints of the events to come in the movie) Middle Earth was in a basically peaceful time when Bilbo set off on his adventure of course the pacing and the overall feel of the movie will be different. There was only one point in The Hobbit that made me go “this is exactly like Lord of the Rings” and that was when the group was climbing the mountain, the rest of it is familiar because it’s in the same world with similar characters but you can tell its a different movie. So don’t over think this, let it happen. Watching the Hobbit for me was, the only way I can describe it is cozy, it’s like pulling on a pair of old pj’s and snuggling under your favorite quilt. I got the warm fuzzies watching this movie and I wasn’t the only one the whole audience was very responsive to this movie, they laughed in all the right places (that’s another thing that is wonderful about this movie, it has really funny moments) and they were invested in it. A little girl sitting behind me actually said “no, don’t pick that up” when Bilbo found the ring, it was adorable. At the end of the movie people even applauded. There was one teenage girl who said as she was walking out “That was boring, I fell asleep” and the guy she was talking to was like “What the fuck is wrong with you? That was great.” yes random dude I don’t know but by chance overheard, it was great. I can’t wait for the next installment.



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