Ah The Holidays

Ah the holidays, a time of family and being kind to your fellow-man. A time of riots at stores, high suicide rates, and dealing with the relatives (gasp!). Now I don’t hate the holidays, I mean I get days off work and its one of the few times of the year that my family gets together and pretends that we’re a big happy family (it’s like cleaning your room by shoving all the crap in the closet). I even have family that I honestly enjoy, my favorite aunt was able to get here this year and I enjoy the idle bickering I have with my younger brother (it’s so fun to mess with him). It’s just I hate the feeling I get from the “Christmas season”, maybe it’s the fact that we’ve become a consumerist individualist culture but the older I get the more plastic Christmas feels. First of all the season seems to start before Halloween with the commercials and promotions, then you’re pressured to buy things for people and to be nice and charitable (which honestly if a holiday is the only reason you give a helping hand to your fellow human that’s great go ahead and give but just know that you’re still a terrible person, because I have a sneaking suspicion that after 12/25 you’ll completely ignore those orphans or whoever you gave guilt money to).

Wow that sounded a bit venomous, sorry I just had a ton of family over and I have three more days of family to go through. Luckily no more days of screaming children and bratty 10 year olds, that was just today. Lets try this again.

I’ve actually had a decent holiday so far, I was able to celebrate Yule since the world didn’t end (sadly I have to wait for zombies, but don’t worry it’s gonna happen). I think one of the reasons I dislike Christmas is that I’m the only Pagan in the family (the rest being of the good Christian persuasion) and the fact that I’m Pagan is one of those things conveniently pushed into the closet with all the other skeletons we’re not gonna talk about. Thankfully I have friends who genuinely care about me. I love when a holiday is genuine and not all fake smiles and pretending I’m a nice normal person instead of the nerdy freak I am because everyone already thinks I’m a heathen who’s going to hell so let’s not add fuel to the fire. I love my family (stop snickering, I do actually love them. If I didn’t I’d add a tank of gasoline to the fire laughing maniacally as the cops led me away) but I love them like I love Pointillism. From a distance. Like pointillism, family can only be appreciated as a whole and only when you’re standing way, way back. Once you get up close all you see are dots and you get a headache…and an urge to kill people.

But there are good aspects to the season as I said. I love when a holiday is simple and you can feel that the people you’re with enjoy you for who you are. I got some really nice gifts from friends this year and part what made them so great was not that they were expensive or flashy but that you could tell the person really took the time to think about you and what to get you. I received this year a Tardis cookie jar that lights up and makes the noise that the Tardis makes in the show, and a beautiful pair of Doctor Who/ Van Gogh earrings. Any of my readers would know that I was in nerdvana when getting those gifts. And honestly I didn’t even need the gifts (but if you try to take them away from me now you’re gonna die) it was just really nice to have a friend look at me and go “you know what I appreciate you and your friendship” that feeling is the warm fuzzies that holidays are supposed to instil. That and the look on their face when they opened their gifts, such a good feeling when someone opens a gift you gave them and the look on their face tells you ‘yes! I totally nailed it, they love it!’. Well I think I’m done venting at the internet for now. I’ll probably be too worn out after the next three days to complain so it’s good to get it all out now. πŸ˜‰

In all honestly though I wish all my readers a wonderful holiday (whichever you celebrate) and that you can find that simple feeling of warmth and camaraderie that this holiday is supposed to give. I genuinely appreciate all of you πŸ™‚

Look at them they're so cool!

Look at them they’re so cool!


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