Pacific Rim

pacific-rim-poster-bannerThis has been a rather hectic summer for me. Summer classes, work, tai chi lessons, family issues, real world issues (i.e. money), it’s a wonder I get to do anything fun. But I was lucky last week I was able to sneak in to a movie theater with my brother and see Pacific Rim. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since they announced it at San Diego Comic Con last year. It’s one of the very few movies coming out this year that I was completely psyched about, not a ‘looking forward to see it’ or a ‘meh, it looks interesting might as well’ I was full out nerd enthusiasm on this one. I mean look at it. Ginormous (not even exaggerating the suckers were gargantuan proportions) monsters from space/dimension/??? rising from the ocean to be fought off by giant skyscraper sized mecha-robots connected to it’s pilots by neural link, what’s not to love about this movie? I mean it’s basically Gundam or some other mecha anime being applied to live action in the best way possible, and it was directed by Guillermo Del Toro! Excuse me while I have a fangirl moment…*fangirl freak out*…ok I’m good.

Going into this movie I wasn’t quite sure what my expectations were, I knew they were high but honestly I wasn’t expecting much in plot. I entered the theater with one goal in mind, epic. fight. scenes. I was thinking ‘if this movie is less than 50% fight scenes I’m gonna be pissed’. I wasn’t disappointed. You know how in some movies, you watch the trailer and you’re thinking ‘man this looks amazing’ and then you go see it and you realize they showed all the good parts in the trailer and you’re bummed out the rest of the movie? This did not happen with Pacific Rim. Honestly the trailer didn’t even skim the surface of how awesome this movie is. I mean the plot was solid and interesting (which was a pleasant surprise), the action sequences…lets just say this is the first movie I was really disappointed I hadn’t seen it in 3d because it would have been 20 times cooler than it already was. What I loved most was that Guillermo did as much as he could without cgi before adding the effects, and there were a lot of effects, and it showed in the movie. This movie wasn’t a hollow, flashy, made only for effects and 3d type of movie. This was a movie made right, they didn’t sacrifice the plot to have the ‘that’s so totally wicked!’ action scenes. They started with the plot, made that the center of the movie, made a solid foundation so that you were invested in the action for more reasons than just ‘look how cool this is in 3d’. You cared about the characters, about the fate of our existence.

Pacific Rim is a traditional science fiction in the best sense. It’s something so fantastic yet so believable. The way the human race acts in the movie was true to our society today. We band together in the worst of times but after we get it some semblance under control we lose interest, forget the importance of it, cheapen it, and then move on to the next thing. Once our lives aren’t in immediate danger we get bored and find something else to interest us. The governments in this too were spot on. We risk the lives of our people just to save a few bucks. Our safety and well being comes with a price-tag and government’s a bargain shopper.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet then put it on your must see list.


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