Loki’s Army Strikes Again: Thoughts on the New Thor 2 Trailer.

Ok so I’m still working on my Supernatural post, it’s taking a bit longer than I hoped because real life keeps getting in the way. Let’s just say that my supervisor is making Moffat look like a cuddle-bunny and real life feels suuuuuck. Well enough about my problems, let’s talk about the new Thor 2: The Dark World trailer.

So apparently it’s “geek week” on YouTube, which is cool because I didn’t know we got a week and that just makes it easier to find videos I like. One of the videos being put out for geek week is the new Thor 2 trailer, if you haven’t seen it I’m putting it at the bottom of this post so just scroll down and watch it and then come back. It’s ok I’ll wait…we good? Great. Now I will state for the record that I am a big Loki fan, not because he’s hot (please I’m not that shallow, but seriously the man is candy) but because of his story arc. I liked the first Thor movie, I wasn’t super impressed but the story was interesting and let’s face it there was some serious yummy goodness for both parties. Chris Hemsworth? HOT. Tom Hiddleston? Dangerously Hot. Natalie Portman? Please, when isn’t she hot? Asgardian chick whose name I can’t remember…Sif/Jaimie Alexander? (thank you IMDb) She’s gorgeous in that Xena kind of way. So everyone’s pleased. I liked Thor because he starts out as what you’d expect of someone who has gorgeous looks, a sweet hammer, and mad fighting skills. He’s an asshole. He’s an arrogant, irresponsible prick who thinks he can get away with everything because his daddy is the King of Asgard. Well, that and he can control lightning which I have to say is just, so cool. It makes his character realistic, you watch him pay the consequences for his actions and arrogance. He’s sent to earth without his powers (though he’s still got his looks which is a bit unfair but I’ll roll with it), he meets a girl, learns the error of his ways, actually becomes likable, etc etc. It’s a classic story arc. On the other side of this is Loki.

Now Loki was already someone I liked, not from comics but from the actual Norse Mythology. He’s the god of mischief; he’s an outcast, none of the other gods share his sense of humor and already dislike him because he’s one of or part frost giant so he’s judged by his heritage right from the get go. I always felt like Loki got a bum rap in mythology, so I was already going into the movie with sympathy for Loki. Then I saw him and he’s dark, mischievous, tortured, British (well his accent is), sarcastic, is it any wonder I fell in love with him? He has that feel I got from the mythology of him not fitting in to this Viking civilization, he’s smart and indirect which doesn’t really work for a warrior culture, but with the added bonus of a younger siblings inferiority complex.  His freak out when he finds out he’s adopted is so relatable or at least understandable; a child of the enemy so loathed by his family, by himself and now he’s one of them? I would have freaked out and gone off the deep end and overcompensated as well. He’s the bad guy in Thor but he’s not a bad guy. He actually does love his family, he doesn’t go about it the right way and yes it’s a bit of a teen drama fit but the thing that makes the story of the movie Thor and then later in the Avengers so heart-wrenching is that it has all come out of love. Then he falls into a bad crowd (kinda literally) with Thanos and the Chitauri, I personally feel he was manipulated by them (there’s that whole theory of him under the influence of the Tessaract with the staff and then gets the sense knocked back into him by the Hulk) and now he’s home in Asgard in prison.

When I think of the fight in the Avengers I laugh a little, not because of the death and destruction, New York has seen enough of that thank you, it’s just I have a younger brother and we used to scrap all the time. To me the most basic plot line of the Avengers was two brothers having a fight, and they “took it outside” like my mother always told my brother and me to do. It’s just the difference between those brothers and my brother and myself is that we don’t have god like powers that can destroy a city and they do. Then Loki lost and Thor took him home and told on him, “Asgardian Justice” was brought upon him and basically Loki’s grounded (forever). In a magic cage, playing with his fantastic hair.

Any way, I got off topic (sorry, I think I was hypnotized by fabulous hair). I already knew that I was going to see Thor 2 but when I saw the first trailer I wasn’t really impressed. My first impression of Thor 2 was that it was all about Thor and Jane, he takes her to Asgard and she feels she doesn’t belong and is intimidated by Sif. Jane didn’t seem as strong as she was in the first Thor movie and I was going “crap this is going to be just a love story with some random bad guy (Christopher Eccleston) and action having something to do with darkness”. The only thing exciting in the first trailer was Loki’s prison hair, it’s fluffy and fabulous and it made tumblr explode. With the new trailer my enthusiasm level went from “meh, maybe I’ll wait for the DVD” to “I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!”. I’m so excited for this movie now! This is what I want to see out of Thor. First of all, I thought Loki was maybe in one or two scenes or that he was in his cage the whole time having conversations with Thor like Hannibal Lector and Clarisse did in Silence of the Lambs. Nope, he gets to come out and play with the rest of the kids and it’s so exciting! We get to see Asgard through Jane’s eyes (the wonderment of a “primitive” being introduced to a more advanced society where science looks like magic) and did you see her punch Loki in the face?! All the women in this movie look to be more badass, even Thor’s mom is whipping around with a knife, though there is that scene where Jane looks like Katie Bell in Harry Potter when she touched the cursed necklace. Don’t know what that’s about but it’s intriguing. Then that part at the end where Thor hits that rock monster with his hammer and it just disintegrates into rubble and Thor looks around and asks “Anyone else?”, this movie is looking to reach epic levels. My only concern is that I have this sinking suspicion that Loki will die in this movie. He’s too good of a thing and he won’t be in the next Avengers movie so that means one of two things, either A: he helps out Thor and then is sent back to his magic box to play with his hair for the rest of eternity, which is unlikely OR, B: he dies in some tragic way and I’m guessing that’s how this is going to go down because the universe hates me and everyone I love dies. I’m 95% sure the world is run by Moffat…which would explain a lot. Still, I’m super psyched up for Thor 2: The Dark World and I think it will have a chance of doing well because Iron Man 3 took the hit of being the movie right after the Avengers (that thing got shredded) and now people have settled down a bit. What do you guys think? Are you excited and think it will be awesome, are you more cautiously optimistic, or do you think it will just outright suck? Me personally, I’m just glad that I have something to look forward to that’s sooner (though not by much) than the Doctor Who 50th anniversary or Sherlock season/series 3. 11/8/2013, set your calenders people.


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2 responses to “Loki’s Army Strikes Again: Thoughts on the New Thor 2 Trailer.

  • Emory

    I agree. This movie definitely has an advantage, being the next Avenger movie after the widely-hated Iron Man 3. (I personally loved it, but I’m not massively picky when it comes to my Avengers)
    And I think, though I HATE that I think it, that you may be right about Loki dying in this one. Maybe like Green Goblin’s death in Spider-man 3, where he gets good for about five minutes and then gets promptly killed off. Dangit.
    Lovely post!

    • freak0nature

      Well if Loki is going out I’d rather him go out the hero like Darth Vader’s final moments when he saves Lukes life. Maybe Loki will die for Thor…Still don’t want to think about it though. It’s too painful. Thanks for the comment!

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