Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

tumblr_mu1q094EGn1s616o2o1_500Day 5,

Companion, blogger, or angel?

tumblr_mu3jx22GoX1s616o2o2_400Companion. No question about it. Here’s my reasoning. While I love all three shows with a fiery passion I didn’t know I could posses, becoming Sherlock’s blogger or an angel of the lord in supernatural is basically impossible. John Watson is Sherlock’s exception. He just happened to become his blogger, if it’s not John then the post of blogger no longer exists. If someone asked me to become Sherlock’s blogger they’re basically asking me to become John Watson which is something I cannot do on any level. Also I’m already a Sherlock blogger in a way (what do you call this?) so I could just check that off my list of things ruling out the option of blogger. Next is an angel. Ok again I think you’re asking if I want to become Castiel who I would never want to become and he is impossible to replace. If it’s just a question of being an angel in the world of Supernatural, again I would say no. With the exception of a scarce few, angels in Supernatural are assholes. Honestly, I mean there were times when I was almost rooting for the demons if it meant that the angels would shut up and lose. Also, have you seen season 8? Not the best time to be an angel right now. *spoiler* Karma’s a bitch. Which leads me to my choice, companion. Where I can actually be myself as a new character, not pretend to be someone else. Also, have you met the Doctor? I get to wander all over time and space in a bigger-on-the-inside police box with a sassy British alien? You don’t have to ask me twice, sign this girl up. Yes I understand it’s a Moffat universe and I may die in a horrible and heartbreaking manner, but oh, what a way to go. Bring it on Moffat, I choose the Doctor.


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