What Does it Take to Be Hitler?

Ok, I’m gonna get a bit deep on you guys this morning (or whenever you’re reading this, it’s morning now). I was on Tumblr this morning and I saw something that creeped me out and made me think at the same time. I saw these pics





Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen that is Hitler, a man whose name is synonymous with hate crimes, death, and destruction on a global scale. Some of you might be wondering why these pictures freak me out, it’s because of the war it caused in my brain. Basically Eva Braun is behind the camera filming him and Hitler is smiling at her and being flirty. HITLER IS SMILING AND BEING FLIRTY. My brain when I first saw the image was like “aw what a sweet old man” and then it screeched on the brakes and I had to ask myself “did I just call HITLER sweet?”. That got me thinking, why did that freak me out so much. Because for a moment in time I thought of Hitler as human, just a normal human being. Not the genocidal monster that I’ve grown up learning about, not the Antichrist or the Devil incarnate. Just a person, someone who can feel and love. That led to the question, was Hitler really even evil? (I’m gonna get so much crap for this post)  Well, yes and no. Like all humans he had the capacity for both, he wasn’t born evil and honestly I don’t think he was evil at all. (really gonna get crap for this) Before you jump down my throat, let me explain. The actions that Hitler took, and the resulting deaths and horrors were evil. They were terrible things, the holocaust should never be forgotten and NEVER be forgiven. That being said, Hitler thought he was doing the right thing (all the best villains do). He was doing what he could for his struggling country, to the best of his (misguided) abilities. Yes he blamed the Jewish people for what was wrong in his country and thought that the solution was to have a perfect race and kill anyone who didn’t fit that image, not just Jews. Then he let the power go to his head and tried to take over the world… Look everyone is prejudice in some way, I pride myself on judging people on their personalities rather than their labels but even I have some issues/prejudices; right-wing Conservatists, a huge chunk of Christians (not your fault but there are a lot of hypocrites and assholes and I’m tired of being told I’m going to hell. I know already, sheesh!), oh and Twihards. And we all have idealized images in our heads of how the world should be. Hitler was just in the right place at the right time (and had the mad conversational/manipulative skills) that put him in a place of power to make his image a reality.

History has always been written by the winners. For example, Christopher Columbus wasn’t a brave explorer he was actually a greedy homicidal asshole who had a flourishing sex slave trade and almost completely wiped out an entire civilization of indigenous people, oh and he didn’t discover America by the way. What’s the difference between Christopher Columbus (who we Americans have a national holiday for) and Adolf Hitler? Well Hitler lost, therefore he didn’t get to write the end of that history book. But more importantly what’s the difference between us and Hitler? When we take into account that all of those people in history were human beings, capable of great good and evil are we really that much different? Nope, and that’s the scary thing. It doesn’t take much to become Hitler. All you have to do is look at another human being and for whatever reason (race, creed, religion, sexual orientation) think that person isn’t on the same level as you on the scale of humanity. That’s it, it’s that simple. As soon as you make a fellow human being lesser than you, guess what, you’re Hitler. You have an idealized image of what people are supposed to be and that person doesn’t fit. Now you might be thinking, ‘yeah but Hitler was a genocidal fuck head, I’m not going to kill those people’. Yes, he and all of his followers were to some extent extreme genocidal fuck heads. We have people all around us who are like that, we might not be to that extent (Hitler was an extremist to say the least) but there are Hitlers everywhere *cough* Westboro Baptist church *cough*. Every time we take away or deny someone the same rights that we have, we’re being Hitler.

So basically I’m not saying Hitler was a good guy and that we should forgive him and embrace who he was as a person, what I’m saying is that we as human beings are capable of great beauty and good

Now what does this painting say to you? To me it says destroy all Jews.

Now what does this painting say to you? To me it says destroy all Jews.

And also great evil



But we need to remember that all people are like that, all humanity is  capable of that because as soon as we turn them into a monster, as soon as we make them less than human, then we have become just like them .



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2 responses to “What Does it Take to Be Hitler?

  • aurelius44

    You are correct regarding calling someone a monster…it somehow makes us feel disconnected and therefore incapable of any similarities. Many interviews with former Nazi insiders who knew Hitler personally have revealed the humanity of Hitler. Some of these individuals remained loyal to the man for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t prevent one from viewing his actions as evil. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both owned slaves. I think the real difference though is that Hitler suffered from some sort of madness/mental illness which sent him spiraling down his path of infamy…

  • aurelius44

    Another point that should be made is that genocide is nothing new…you can read all about it in the Old Testament of the Bible where GOD instructs his chosen people to wipe out men, women, children, even babies while taking over and inhabiting the “promised land”. Oh, and the group of people that did this?? Jews.

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