About Freak Of Nature

I write how I talk so if you’ve read my blog you actually know me as well as most people. Freak of nature to me is not an insult, it is a term of endearment and a true fact. I am a freak of nature, end of story. I started this blog not just for my voice to be heard though that is a part of it (I mean that is why people write this stuff; to add their voice to the chorus but still feel like they’re having a solo) I also wrote this blog to “see the world”. When you write something on the internet it is around the world in a nanosecond, I love seeing my stats and there are people from different countries who have viewed my blog. It makes the world so small and I love getting comments from people because it makes the world feel accesible. Though I also really like when people just read my blog, makes me feel special.


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