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The Game is On…Again!

Right now I have a severe affliction. I can’t stop smiling, I have this warm glow settling over my insides, I’m downright giddy. What could have possibly caused this? What could have made this normally sarcastic and dour writer, dare I say it…happy? Ecstatic even. Well, SHERLOCK IS BACK ON THE AIR. That’s right people season 3 has just debuted in the UK and thanks to the power of the internet I was able to watch it. Now Season 3 will be on in America on PBS Masterpiece Mystery later this month (Sunday, January 19th. Save the date.) but there was no way I was waiting to see it. Now I’ve seen it and I have to say…It. Was. Glorious. Absolutely fantastic! I won’t spoil anything but I just wanted to tell the world how amazing this episode was. John and Sherlock are back on the case and I’ve never been happier. To me personally the whole episode felt like a love letter to the fandom. It was like Moffat has been watching the fandoms slow decent into the darkest depths of insanity (which he totally has and has been enjoying every minute of it) and decided to give us this opening episode. To me the writers were saying, “Hey, I know you’ve been in pain and languishing in the dark voids of despair. We just want to say we love you and that you’ll be back there soon enough so here, have this episode of joy and perfection to make up for all the pain that you have felt and will feel in the future.”. Thank you. I know I’ll be in pain soon seeing as there are only 3 episodes to a season and Moffat has promised us a cliffhanger worse than the one we had last season but the episodes I do have got me through it…sort of. I really can’t calm down right now. The inner me is jumping up and down shrieking with joy. Part of me feels that the episode was a hallucination brought on by the prolonged episode of the series. If that’s true it was a mass hallucination shared by the fandom and I’m ok with that. Ok, I need to stop writing now because I’m barely making words I’m so happy. Just…watch it as soon as you can.


Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day 7

tumblr_mu1q094EGn1s616o2o1_500Day 7,

What is my favorite episode of Doctor Who?



What is my favorite episode of Doctor Who? This one was surprisingly easy once I had the answer. I racked my brain for a good 20 minutes and then a tiny voice in my head said. What about Vincent and the Doctor? Yes. That’s perfect. Vincent and the Doctor is without a doubt my favorite episode of Doctor Who. It’s the one I identified with the most. It has my favorite artist, Vincent van Gogh. I love how this episode didn’t have a traditional happy ending. Depression is a disease and no matter how beautiful you think life is or how much you as a person have to offer, there isn’t a cure, you’ll always be fighting it, and you’ll rarely win. I love how they were able to express the truth and tragedy of Vincent’s life but also how they showed his joy and wonder as well.

The way I see it life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.” ~The Doctor


Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day 6

tumblr_mu1q094EGn1s616o2o1_500Day 6,

What is my favorite episode of Supernatural?


What is my favorite episode of Supernatural? Jeez we’re really getting into the hard questions aren’t we? Well my favorite one that makes me cry is probably Swan Song. Every finale brings tears but to me when they were showing the bits and pieces that made the impala the boys home and the teeny bits of normalcy they were able to get in their lives between the whole saving the world thing. That made it so much more heart wrenching. I sobbed my eyes out. My favorite episode that made me laugh/happy is probably either Changing Channels, The Monster at the End of This Book or The French Mistake. I love how the show can balance between hilarity and really heavy drama. The ones where they come up and tap on the forth wall and are able to make fun of themselves and their fans yet do it lovingly is genius and it’s one of my favorite things about the show.

Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

tumblr_mu1q094EGn1s616o2o1_500Day 5,

Companion, blogger, or angel?

tumblr_mu3jx22GoX1s616o2o2_400Companion. No question about it. Here’s my reasoning. While I love all three shows with a fiery passion I didn’t know I could posses, becoming Sherlock’s blogger or an angel of the lord in supernatural is basically impossible. John Watson is Sherlock’s exception. He just happened to become his blogger, if it’s not John then the post of blogger no longer exists. If someone asked me to become Sherlock’s blogger they’re basically asking me to become John Watson which is something I cannot do on any level. Also I’m already a Sherlock blogger in a way (what do you call this?) so I could just check that off my list of things ruling out the option of blogger. Next is an angel. Ok again I think you’re asking if I want to become Castiel who I would never want to become and he is impossible to replace. If it’s just a question of being an angel in the world of Supernatural, again I would say no. With the exception of a scarce few, angels in Supernatural are assholes. Honestly, I mean there were times when I was almost rooting for the demons if it meant that the angels would shut up and lose. Also, have you seen season 8? Not the best time to be an angel right now. *spoiler* Karma’s a bitch. Which leads me to my choice, companion. Where I can actually be myself as a new character, not pretend to be someone else. Also, have you met the Doctor? I get to wander all over time and space in a bigger-on-the-inside police box with a sassy British alien? You don’t have to ask me twice, sign this girl up. Yes I understand it’s a Moffat universe and I may die in a horrible and heartbreaking manner, but oh, what a way to go. Bring it on Moffat, I choose the Doctor.

Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

tumblr_mu1q094EGn1s616o2o1_500Day 4,

What is my favorite Doctor Who ship?

tumblr_mu1q094EGn1s616o2o2_1280This is a tough one. I mean I loved 11 and River, I loved how Rose made 9 and 10 smile, there’s 4 and Sara Jane, and in Torchwood there was Jack and Ianto *cries*. I think though out of all of them my favorite ship is the longest running ship. The Doctor and the TARDIS (aka Sexy). “A Boy and his box out to see the universe”. Even after all the companions are gone the Doctor still has his TARDIS. It may not be a romantic fling that will leave you gasping but the two of them share a mutual and deep love for one another and that to me is what is truly important.

Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day 3


Day 3,

What is my favorite Supernatural ship?


Destiel. How can you not go with the ship that’s almost canon? (so close) The ship that even Misha ships. Probably the only ship that will last in this ship graveyard of a show. I mean with Sam and his “death stick” (tried to clean it up for the kids) and Dean’s soap opera of a romantic life (Cassie, Jo, Lisa…Benny). Destiel is the only relationship that’s survived. Plus, they make a really cute couple.

Superwholock 30 Day Challenge: Day One.



I’ve decided to challenge myself by taking on the Superwholock 30 day challenge (questions above). Today is day one, so off we go.

Day 1,

What fandom did I first join?



Supernatural. It was the same year Angel ended and I needed a new show to fill the void. My brother and I thought Supernatural looked cool so we tried it. I have to say it was so much better than I originally thought. Now I’m stuck with the Winchester brothers (mmm, Winchester) and while this show tears me up and I cry and scream, I still love it will all my evil little heart.


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