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Moffat Syndrome

Hey guys, I’m working on a few ideas for blog posts while settling in to a new semester at my university. So in this lull between updating my blog where I’m sure you’re all just desperate for a new post (psh, yeah right) I thought I would share this pic I found on my Facebook feed today.

I think we all know I have this.

I think we all know I have this.

Have a great week everybody.


How I Got Tricked Into Gangam Style

So now that the worst of the gangam style storm has passed I can share this story without fear of being relevant in any way. :)A while back when my brother came home for holiday break (which is sadly coming to a close)  he had to go outside to shake out a rug so he asked me to go out with him to help him. I was like ‘yeah alright, got nothing better to do’ so the way he handed it to me when it was folded meant that when we unfolded it my hands would crossed over each other. I didn’t really think anything of it until we were shaking out the rug and I realized that my hand movement looked familiar it looked like…oh no…


So I look over at my brother who I can tell has realized what I look like as well because he has this giant stupid grin on his face. So I drop the rug and pretend to be mad at him for tricking me into Gangam Style. We had a good laugh over the fact that I had just looked like an idiot. Well at least he didn’t take pictures or I would have had to kill him.

Well that’s it for today, just a little story that I hope made you smile.  Later days internet peeps.


p.s. What the hell was up with that whole insane music video?! I mean I got at least to the point with the creepy dude in the elevator before my brain was like “look if you’re gonna watch crap like this then you obviously don’t need me” and then it self destructed. Took a long time to put that sucker back together too. Oh and if someone has an explanation like “well it’s k-pop so of course it’s weird.” I will not accept that because I listen to k-pop (mostly just Girls Generation and SHINee) and their videos are not nearly as whacked out as whatever the heck Gangam Style was.


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