Oh the Humanity

Many of you may have already seen or know of this display of idiocy that the Fox News channel considers as news. What many of you may not know is that I myself am Pagan and I am outraged. I try to keep this blog away from politics for the most part because I like my blog to be a happy place but this isn’t politics, this is my life, my religion being treated as if it was a joke (and most of what they were saying was either misinformation or just plain lies). I know there’s not much I can do about the views of people and I can’t undo prejudice and I know that Fox News is 80% lies and the rest of the “news” is filtered  but when I watched this video I was hurt. Even if I wasn’t Pagan as an American this is just wrong and the sad thing is that I’m just one in a long line of people who have been mocked and persecuted for being nothing more than true to themselves in this so-called “land of equality”. I think the reason it hurts is because I don’t hate my country, (I do hate idiocy and sometimes the two can be confused due to people and politicians but that’s different) I love being an American and most of the time I am also proud to be one. I know that in times of crisis we can pull together as a single voice and do amazing things, I remember 9/11 not for the terrible things that happened that day but for the ordinary people who became heroes by becoming extraordinary in a time of panic and confusion. Or even more recently during hurricane Sandy there were simple acts of kindness like this

541351_547782008584590_498324285_nSo when stupid hateful things, like everything Fox News says ever, happen I feel like Americans and humanity as a whole are cheapening ourselves. We could be doing so much more and yet we’re stuck squabbling on the things that make us different and putting labels on one another so that we can feel better about the fact that what we’re really doing is hurting another human being. We’re all human it’s stupid to me to discriminate against someone based on their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color, type of shoes they wear, etc etc whatever. At the end of the day we’re all the same species. I’m not saying I’m a saint who doesn’t judge people but I judge people on their actions. You can say that you, for example, worship a kind and loving god but if you’re telling me that I’m a terrible person and I’m going to hell for worshiping Satan (which I don’t by the way no Pagan worships Satan) or for being bisexual or just for being different from you and you’re being rude to me and calling me a godless heathen (these are all just examples btw…) and then you turn around and are a judgmental ass to everyone and say this country belongs only to your kind of people. I’m not only gonna think you’re an ass and an idiot but that maybe you either aren’t worshiping your god correctly (if you go out and tell people you are a certain religion you represent your religion from then on through your actions) or that you’re worshiping a hateful asshole god. Anyway I’m getting off topic, basically my point is this… My name is Kendra Millisor I am a Pagan, I’m bisexual, I’m a nerd, a freak of nature, and an American. I will fight for what I believe is right, I will live true to who I am no matter what people think of me, and I will always try to make myself a better person, try to make the world a better place, and (probably naively) always hope for the best in humanity.


P.S. if anyone has any questions about what I said or about Paganism, or you just want to vent go ahead and shoot me a message in the comments.


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